Damn you, Dominique Ansel!

Dear Dominique Ansel,

Let’s start by saying that we are long time fans. Not so much of your tasty and flaky cronut pastry. Definitely not of your Cookies & Cream shot glass (which looked extra awesome). Nope, we were a fan of your line (we are after all called Linesnap, duh).

Ever since people went in droves to stand in the street waiting for a simple croissant doughnut, we were hooked. We would go over and marvel at the size of that line. It was as if an iCronut was released by the spirit of St. Jobs himself, and Linesnap was made to bear witness on a daily basis. It was genius, with people lining up to taste such a delectable delight. It felt meant to be as Linesnap came to fruition around the same time.

And then last week the boom fell. We all saw that cray cray video of that rat hanging out with the staff like it was the staff:

Then came the NYC Health Department. Now, there is no line to fawn over. Linesnap must look elsewhere for inspiration. Oh, there are many others, but this line was unique. It was genius. And now, it’s gone with the rats. Will it come back? Time will only tell, but until then Damn you Mr. Ansel!

Funny enough, we have pictures of us at Shake Shack in the fall for the limited release of the Cronut Donut Hole Concrete. Take a look at that incredible line!

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