All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Founder Institute

founderinstitute_logoThe last few months have been blast. An intense blast of stress, blood & sweat equity, with moments of sheer happiness. Either that or madness from fatigue. Either way, its been a blast as part of Founder Institute.

As some of you may or may not know, The Linesnap Crew have been immersed for the last few months in a program known as Founders Institute. The goal of this program is to take said developer & designer and make sure-fired founders out of them. It polishes the rough edges until only a diamond of a company remains. And it does this with work – a lot of it. Weekends were lost. Family and friends were alienated. All for the dream. Was it worth it? Damn skippy (sorry family & friends).

Every week we were challenged to push ourselves and each other to make Linesnap the best line-snapping app it could be (shameless plug: it’s now in Beta for Android). Milestones were created: everything from Naming our Baby to finding Investors. We also spent a lot of time pitching, revising our decks as we go along, and updating our landing pages & prototypes. We worked our damnest because FI demanded it, and it really was worth it.

So now we are at the end of our FI class, but it surely doesn’t end there! We keep fighting the good fight – reporting lines on the way to making Linesnap even better for users! We are pushing forward and are thankful for Founder Institute for its tutelage an camaraderie. This line has reached it’s end. Now onto the next line to tackle.

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